Management for Development College,Thaksin University (TSU-MDC)
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หัวข้อข่าว : Scholarship Announcement

Due to the current circumstance resulting from the pandemic of Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19), Management for Development College (TSU-MDC) has concerns for students who may be affected by the pandemic of COVID-19. Out of our concerns for TSU-MDC’s students and families, TSU-MDC has considered measures to alleviate troubles of students and families due to the circumstance.

TSU-MDC will provide the scholarships to students who have been affected from the pandemic of the COVID-19 in the amount up to Baht 2,000 each.

The successful applicants admitted to our curriculums and approved by TSU-MDC scholarship committee are as follows:

1. Miss Fontong Kongrod

2. Miss Wannapha Kongchana

3. Mr. Warakorn Nunbunkong

4. Miss Chonticha Damnoo

5. Miss Wissuta Jongrak