Management for Development College,Thaksin University (TSU-MDC)
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หัวข้อข่าว : English Training Project for Police Officials

English Training Project for Police Officials

Management for Development College, Thaksin University

Apply Now

Overcome TOEIC, Guarantee 500+ points

If you cannot reach the points, you can study 30 hours more.

Be ready to do a test for Immigration Officer, Tourist Police



Train 10 days for 30 hours after working time                                           



Both the general public and Police Officials are able to study. Only 4,900 baht for 30 hours


There is a Facebook live system for anyone who misses the live training in the classroom or would like to review the lessons later.

Limited to at least 20 people per group


          For more details:



085-5015995 (Kritchanut)


 ID Line: wee207




086-3608899  (Thitipong)

 ID Line:thitipong_aof